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Workshops and Trainings

Our workshops are highly interactive and results focused.

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Finance For All Managers

Would you be able to win a cricket match if you don't understand the rules of scoring?


The first step for you company to win the game is for every player to understand how any company makes money. 

Most finance training is around balance sheet, P&L and many intimidating ratios. Some of them even borders around making you an accountant. This usually puts off most managers.

Our workshop is radically different. This is a jargon-free way of understanding how to align  your teams day-to-day actions for a phenomenal financial performance.

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Increasing Sales With Same Manpower

Increasing order booking is NOT about making more customer visits. 

Initiate a phenomenal way to increase sales with existing manpower. A practical way to improve your customer orders.


Breaking Down The Silos

One of the biggest hurdle to consistent & predictable growth is the tendency of your company to work in Silos.

Any amount of sermons (gyan!!) to work together will not bring any change. 

You need to do something different to break these silos and get them to work as a team.


This workshop will give you and your team actionable, practically do-able things to bring that change.


Applying TOC to Operations, Manufacturing, Supply Chains

Doing more with the same resources is NOT about sweating them or making them work long hours. Its about making a fundamental change in the way you release work to achieve a high level of synchronization within your company.

Learn a very simple yet powerful way of Theory of Constraints (TOC) and its application to Operations management.


 Practical and actionable workshop.

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