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Disruptive Productivity

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The Program

You will be empowered with simple, profound aspects of your work which have a direct impact on your growth and career line.

It is deep rooted in the success of real people and businesses. This is 10 years of career and business transforming gold mine.


This might be your best investment and a big reveal.

Who is it for?

Our 10 years experience - deep rooted in solving real business problems and bringing to life individual employee and entrepreneur goals and aspirations - makes this relevant for everyone who has aspirations for career growth, progression, expansion, promotion and other personal motivations to do better and get bigger.

If you take our word for it - as much as this is for everyone, this is for YOU.


Do read the testimonials from individuals like you who have shared their story. This has proven relevance, for all industries and career types.

What will you gain?

You will get deep insights and together we will reveal the missing piece of the puzzle. You will learn and unpack surprising elements which directly influence and support your future career or entrepreneur journey. You will take the next big step which will help you see the north star.


This is a 4-week promise. 1 session per weekend. Every Saturday or Sunday. Blends learning, practice and validation.

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The next batch starts on Saturday, 7th May 2023

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Online on Zoom

Your Investment

Total 8 hours - 2 hours on a Saturday or Sunday depending on your batch for 4 weeks.

And a very nominal fee to bind your commitment. Protected with full money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied. This will be one of your best investment of time and money, ever.   


What people say

Asst Vice President, Healthcare company


I liked the session the way it started from basics. 

Team count is also good and cohort is experienced so adding value to me.

Chirag P,
Project Manager, one of Big 5

Took their course and instantly got hooked. The course provides insight into business delivery and how to manage large project with ease. It clearly explains what is important in corporate setting and where to focus to climb the ladder. The trainers are experienced professionals who have actually spent time as VPs in MNCs and have 1st hand experience not only working as employees but also leading their own companies. For a small amount if you get their 2 to 3 months time where they share candid learning holding your hand in till the end of the course, you must simply grab the opportunity.


You are fantastic! Power-Up My Career


I'd like to thank Mr. Manu Raj and Mr. Rakesh for planning the "Power-Up My Career" instructional module, that has not only allowed me to evaluate my professional career and mentally create a graph of how I've fared as an individual throughout my work tenure till date, however, has also allowed me to establish a new perspective on my professional life that has completely blown my mind.


I've attended several trainings, and this is by far the greatest one I've seen in years, because it directly challenges the way we operate and demonstrates a path that could improve work and life better.


Manoj K,
Operations Manager, Sitel

I really appreciate your structured approach to such a wide topic with some fantastic take aways which I can put into practice. Thanks again.Manu Sir you are awesome!!!


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