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Engagement Process

We hand-hold the implementation and take responsibility for the results. And demonstrate the ownership by linking a significant part of the fee to results

1. Diagnostics

Understand your current reality, your aspirations, challenges. Diagnose for root cause. This requires one-to-one discussions with you, your family members involved in the day to day decision making and head-of-departments (Sales, Design, Procurement, Production and PPC). This process will require 3 to 6 hours depending on the size of your operations.

2. Proposal Discussion

Immediately followed by diagnostics, we share our observations and direction of solution.


And further the commercial terms of the engagement. This discussion will require 1-2 hours

3. Pilot

During this period of  3 months, the objective is to get quick results, build belief and gain commitment towards the new way of working from you and your team.

We are hands-on! We are implementers! We roll-up sleeves and hand hold you and your team at every step of the new change.

4. Long-term Implementation

12 to 36 months. Continue the journey of sustained improvement.


A large part of our fee is directly linked to the benefits you experience.

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